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Cybersecurity research and me

My academic research is just mine. It is not a business. I have a day job too. In my spare time I enjoy playing with computers. I create my own systems, break systems and test their cyber security. I will remain a student of cybersecurity all my life.

Contact me

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Current Cybersecurity Baseline:

-Webfront: RSA-4096(exponent 65537), SHA256withRSA, OCSP Stapling, DANE, DNSSEC, HSTS, TLS1.3, secp521r1/secp384r1, minimum cipher strength 256.

-Admin access: Password length 64+ characters; SHA512 password rounds 50000+, Passwordless access: ed25519, Fail2ban 3 strikes permanent.

-VPN tunnel: Hardened OpenVPN.